How to sell your house quickly

sell house quickly
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You decided to sell your home, which holds a lot of memories and sentimental values. But if you have decided then it’s worth it. it’s maybe your first time or you have done it before, like many home sellers you are looking for a stress-free sale and get it done without any hassles. But to sell your house quickly is not as easy as thought to be and not following the right channel may make you sometimes frustrated and it may result in the taking wrong decision. Read on to find how you can make it easier and get the best deal within a reasonable timeline.

We have listed several steps with our vast experience to make this process easy for you.

1. Know your local housing market

First thing you need to find the trending value in your neighborhood. Look for any recently sold houses in your locality with their dimension and check how they are in comparison with yours. Also, know the advantages of your house compared in the locality that too makes significant deference while negotiating with the potential buyer. Of course, your good local real estate agent can help you in finding the best listing price.

2. Prepare your home for sale

Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and look at your house with a different perspective. What do you like in the house? What needs to be updated?. Preparing your house for sale is to make a good presentation to make a good impression on the prospective buyer. Making the house as attractive as it could be with almost no extra cost or maybe with some reasonable cost.

First thing is to de-clutter the house. Discard all the unnecessary things or keep inside the cupboard. A lot of things scattered around is big NO and it also makes the rooms look smaller.

Lighting makes a good visual effect while making the decision. See that all the rooms are well lit and shouldn’t look dull. Avoid dark curtains let as must natural light come in as possible.

Keep the house clean. Ensure all the rooms, washrooms and kitchen floor are clean. Also, all the cupboards furniture dust free. House needs to be kept clean before any client visits the house

If there are any basic repairs get it done, like leaking faucets, minor cracks on the ceiling, minor paint job, electrical switches, etc

If the house walls are dirty or paint is peeled off get the painting done with a lighter neutral color. A good light neutral color improves the reflection in the house and makes the house look brighter.

Make sure at any circumstances the house shouldn’t have a bad odor as it’s a major put off. You can use a mild pleasant deodorant to get rid of the smell.

3. Hire a good real estate agent

real estate agent

To sell your house quickly, you need to hire a good knowledgeable local real estate agent who can be a great help to you. Homeowners sometimes prefer to sell it on their own to avoid the brokerage charges. It is advised to hire a professional agent as a good agent has good knowledge in the neighborhood, good network with the agents and can help you bring the best competitive deals, in a short period. Also, the agent can help you in all the aspects of the process making it a comfortable one.

4. Get high-quality photos

Quality photo

Now you have set your house for presentation and getting high-quality photos of your beautiful house is very critical. Most of the buyers now look on the listing websites for the houses and best quality photos attract the buyers easily. Ensure your house is well illuminated before taking the photos and take photos from different angles. You can sort out the best photos for the listing. If possible you can hire a professional photographer to get the photoshoot done.

5. Keep ready all the legal property papers.

To sell your house quickly, it’s extremely important to keep ready all the legal documents of the house. Discuss with your legal person and get the documents in order. Since prospective buyer may not have enough time for later for this. Any documents required to get it done as soon as possible.

6. Listing and marketing

Once you have hired the real estate agent he will list your house in listing websites. He may also use digital platforms like social media and also may advertise in classifieds. He may also put a for sale board on the site to attract more potential buyers.

It is also a wise choice to give the exclusive mandate to the agent to sell the house. As it permits only your agent to sell, he can work closely with you and he can invest more time and efforts. Exclusive mandate can help you get the best price in the market by empowering your agent.

7. To sell your home quickly, set a realistic price

A common mistake most of the home sellers do is setting a very high price. If you are looking to sell your house quickly, It is very crucial to set the right price, setting very high price can backfire by many potential buyers may not even consider looking at the property. Even in a competitive market buyer will not prefer to pay more than the market value. Buyer will also do a comparative study of the market value in the locality. Generally, the overpriced property will not sell easily. A reasonably priced property will attract many buyers and there are high chances of getting the true market price.

8. Negotiating offers

If it’s a seller market you will get many numbers of offers, if not seller favorable market then there may be few offers. You can accept the offer or can put forward counter offer. You can always consider the way the buyer is doing the payments and how soon he is ready to close the deal. Depending on these you can consider to accept or reject the offer.

9. Know the costs and taxes

Discuss with your accountant on all the taxes, TDS that you have to pay once the deal is closed. Also, plan for long/short term capital gains from the sale and all the government policies to get benefits on the capital gain.

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